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how to make poached egg without vinegar

How to make a poached egg (very easy recipe)

This method of Poached egg cooking is simple and it doesn’t need the usage of vinegar. Believe me, if you have never tried to cook a poached egg before, you will be able to cook it using this easy recipe!

What is needed to easily make a poached egg

poached egg easy recipe

How to make a poached egg without vinegar

Let’s make it! Put a pot or a saucepan with water on high heat. Make sure it’s enough amount of water to cover an egg if it was in. Cover it with a lid and settle to boil.

water in pot

Now let’s deal with the egg. Cut off a piece of cling film (approximately 20*20 cm in size) and cover the cup with it. By hand, push the film inside the cup so that the film evenly covers the inside of the cup, and the edges of the film are on the outside of the cup.

Now put a drop of olive oil on the bottom of a cup covered with cling film. Spread the oil evenly over the part of the film that is inside the cup. To do this, use a culinary brush or your fingers (make sure you washed your hands before).

Then gently beat the egg into the cup and sprinkle it with a pinch of salt.

Gather the edges of the cling film into a bundle and twist. Try to get as little air in as possible inside.

When the water starts boiling place the “egg sachet” into the pot with water and decrease heat to low. Set a timer for 5 minutes.

While the egg is being cooked, pour cold water into a bowl. When the time is up, take the egg in a cling film out of the pot with help of table spoon and transfer it to the bowl with cold water. Let it cool for a couple of minuets.

Then take the egg out of the bowl, cut off the sachet’s tail and take the poached egg out of the cling film and turn it down to the beautiful side. That’s an easy recipe for a poached egg.

The Poached egg is ready to future usage! Eat it placing the egg on toast or with oatmeal. Here are some nice recipes with Poached eggs:


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